Deluxe Model

Below are our common greenhouse sizes, perfect for your backyard, garden, deck, or patio. Don’t see the size you want? We can custom design a size and style just for you. Contact us to get started or request a quote.

Choose a greenhouse with glass walls that open to screens or 8mm thick, twin-wall polycarbonate walls.

Our greenhouses are delivered to you fully assembled and installed by our trained installers. It is not a kit. A delivery fee may be added. We deliver to Washington, Oregon, California, Montana, Colorado, and Idaho.

These are common sizes. Contact us for other sizes.

GlassHut greenhouse
6 x 9 Glass walls
8 x 12 Polycarbonate walls
Large greenhouse
12 x 27 Glass walls
Size (ft)Polycarbonate
8mm twinwall
Tempered Glass
with screens
6 x 9$5,100$6,500
6 x 12$5,500$6,700
8 x 9$4,800$6,400
8 x 12$5,700$7,500
8 x 15$6,600$9,000
8 x 24$9,400$14,500
10 x 9$6,300$7,500
10 x 12$7,400$8,900
10 x 18$10,100$12,500
10 x 24$13,000$16,000
12 x 12$8,600$10,200
12 x 18$12,500$14,400
12 x 24$16,400$18,600